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Mariam Abdul Rahman


Mariam Abdul Rahman was born in Wa upper West region of Ghana in December 1990. She studies Fine Arts in the University of Ghana, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Professionally, her participation in Sunshine Avenue is the first of her obviously bright career in acting. Before the production of Sunshine Avenue however, Mariam had tried her hands at advert and school plays although not on a grand platform. One of those was an advert for Hallelujah Wine. Another was titled ‘Sound of Music’ where she played Sister Margareta. This play was performed at the National Theater. Mariam’s acting career started in the year 2009, acting has always been her passion she proudly says. Her hobbies include listening to music and watching movies.

Mariam plays the part of Mimi, Aunty Grace and Kofi Simpson’s daughter and sister to Jojo.

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