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Dominic Demordzi


Dominic Demordzi was born in Accra, Ghana. He studies media and communication at Pentecost University, Accra. Acting had always been Dominic’s passion growing up.

With a dream to be in the industry and a desire to act in front of a camera, Dominic made the first move in the year 2003 towards achieving his goals. He played a major role (detective Mark) in the 2003 Eagle Production TV series, ‘Secrets’. He has been in various movies and TV series since then. Some of these movies include ‘Why Me’, ‘Alvina’, ‘The Wheel’, ‘Mission for Justice’, ‘Turn Me On’, ‘Hot Tears’, ‘Shakira’, ‘Tribe’, ‘Soul Desire’ among others. Dominic has also starred in many TV Series; ‘Beyond the River’ and ‘Tentacles’ by Point blank Media Production, ‘Adams Apple’ by Sparrow Production, ‘Five Brides’ by Venus Production, ‘Abiba’ by inGenius Africa Production.

He has also done commercials for various companies including iBurst Africa, Ghana Commercial Bank, Access Bank, Nestle Ghana Limited, Tasty Tom Tin tomatoes, Armstrong Beer, This way MotherLac, Uni Bank and Global Communication(Glo).

Being a born entrepreneur, Dominic has made it a point to acquire skills of a pharmacist and Fashion designer.He plays the role of Yoofi, Abiba’s fiancé in ‘Sunshine Avenue’.

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