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Safowaa Miriam


Safowaa Miriam was born in Accra, Ghana in the year 1992. She is an actress by profession. She studied Procurement at the Accra polytechnic.

Safowaa started acting during her Junior secondary school years. The first production she featured in was a GTV Akan drama, ‘Obra’. She went on to work with Patrickmay Films Production on a movie titled ‘The Legend’ in the year 2013. In 2014, she played the main character in a TV series by Revel films titled ‘Dirty Pretty Secret’ which airs on Metro TV Ghana. Also in 2014, Safowaa was in a movie titled ‘children of the mountain’ by i60 production.She currently plays the role of a supporting character on Spectrum Film consult’s TV series, ‘Yours truly’.

In ‘Sunshine Avenue’, Miriam plays the part of Akweley, a resident of the Umoja Hostel.

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