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Elaine Alexis Attoh

Yaa Achiaa

Elaine Alexis Attoh was born in Accra, Ghana in the year 1985. She is an actress, a voice over artist, an MC and an entrepreneur. Elaine started acting when she was in primary school.

Elaine started appearing on screen in the year 2008, when she was approached by Nakwadus production to feature in a movie titled ‘Dr. Afadjato’, an English and twi piece. She played the lead role and was formally integrated into the acting industry. Since then, Elaine has taken part in various movies, TV series and the likes. Some of which are, ‘A sting in a tale’, ‘Adams Apples’ by Sparrow Productions. ‘Hidden passion’, ‘Game of roses’ by Steve Anuka Productions. ‘Living with trisha’ by Kairos Productions. ‘Abene’ by Sarfo and Sarfo Productions. ‘Any more women’ by Ohene Productions. ‘Sins of our fathers’ by T Plus Productions. ‘Our wives’ by Chief Daniels Productions. ‘Stale Mate’, ‘Candle in the wind’ by Venus Films Productions.

Elaine says she is motivated by the thought of where she comes from, where she is and what she wants to attain. According to Elaine, “…giving up is not an excuse for me. Acting is a way of expressing happenings around us to masses. It's a way of communicating wrongs and rights to the world. Therefore I take it upon myself to communicate to people who are down trodden, who have lost and tell them not to give up. To me it's a God given talent and job”.
Before becoming an actress, Elaine had always wanted to be a news caster or radio presenter. She studied Theatre in Fine Arts at the University of Ghana, Legon. She studied Communication at Manifold school of journalism after that.

Elaine plays the part of Yaa Achiaa, the main gossip and resident of Umoja hostel.

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